Gorge Classic Climbs

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A unique climbers guide to the Columbia Gorge

Gorge Classic Climbs

GCC provides an exploratory look at Oregon's well-known Columbia Gorge with depth and detail rarely found in any adventure guide. The very heart of this book offers informative route beta, detailed ink topos and photographic maps designed to orient you to your next off-trail Gorge climbing adventure.

Within this 74-page booklet you will find a unique selection of classic and historical adventures such as:

  • Rooster Rock & West Chimney on Crown Point
  • Chimney Rocks southeast of Silver Star Mtn.
  • St. Peters Dome & Katanai Rock
  • Wind Mtn & Windy Slab
  • Apocalypse Needles such as Apollo Column & Fire Spire
  • Cigar Rock on Cape Horn
  • ROA Point, NE Buttress of Yeon, and the Island below Nesmith Pt.

Interesting off-trail adventures exploring various Gorge creek systems or ridge lines often following deer and bear trails or traversing along other lesser traveled paths.

Much of the flavor of this guide is devoted to those who relish the off-trail climbs and adventures of the Gorge. It is NOT a sport climbers guide, NOR a general hikers guide. Most of the adventures and climbs require sufficient experience in a rock climbing/technical sense using skill, insight, terrain navigation knowledge, use of climbing gear, ascending exposed steep cliffs, and traversing along slippery waterways. Gorge climbing and adventuring is in a league of its own, and is every bit as challenging as when turn-of-the-century explorers tread upon this wild place. Due to the nature of the forested terrain and steep layered tiers of basalt cliffs those who choose to pursue any destination in GCC should use every precaution necessary to adequately assure a safe return. Though there are technical ratings listed in GCC, in reality most of the climbs listed are either PG, R, or X.

The goal of this booklet is to provide comprehensive Gorge climbing information that has not been available in a guide since the Neuberger guide in the late 1950s and the Dodge analysis in the late 1960s.